Ma Vie Chérie is coming soon…

Moments worth cherishing, that is in short what Ma Vie Chérie is all about. ​

​Be inspired. Treasure yourself and be the change you want to be. Through Ma Vie Chérie and through your own journey of self-discovery in life, may you come to see just how incredible you are! Think and look beautiful and find out what sparks your passions.

Life is beautiful, even with its ups and downs. Too often we forget this positive thinking and are in need of just a simple reminder of all the positive things in the world. For me, Ma Vie Chérie is a reminder to myself of all the beautiful opportunities life has to offer, just as long as I hold on to love, faith, hope, laughs and keep doing the things I truly like doing, such as writing, experiencing the magic of movies and beautiful pictures, adore delicious food, travel freehearted and journey further into finding my own lifestyle.

To anyone else who share the same likes or outlook on life, I hope that Ma Vie Chérie may be an inspiration to you, because sometimes we might dabber in troubled waters and are in need of just a simple reminder of the beauty and joy of life.

With love,

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